As a member of the VTEN you will be able to promote, buy, sell and explore the exhibitions available on our platform.

£1,000 per annum

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Your annual payment of £1,000 entitles you to the following benefits for 12 months:
    1. Private access to the VTEN platform
    2. Unlimited exhibition registrations, searches and exchanges
    3. A personal advisor from our team to help and assist you with any issues you may have
    4. Inclusion and promotion through our various marketing channels. These include but are not limited to:
    - Direct Marketing, over 8000 contacts in our address book who we will contact directly if they are interested in the type of exhibitions you are offering.
    - Newsletters: Monthly Newsletter + Exhibition Promotion: Over 1300 curators.
    - Event promotion:
VTEN holds no exclusivity over the exhibitions registered on the platform. The user retains all the right to share their exhibitions in any other medium they deem beneficial.