As a touring member of Vastari Exhibitions you will be able to promote, buy, sell and explore the exhibitions available on our platform.

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As a premium member of the Vastari Exhibitions platform, an institution and its authorised employees will be able to promote, buy, sell and explore the travelling exhibitions available on our platform.

The Vastari Exhibitions annual membership fee unlocks the following benefits for your institution for 12 months:
    1. Private access to the Vastari Exhibitions platform for all approved employees
    2. Unlimited exhibition registrations, searches and connections
    3. Strategy session with Vastari matchmaking team to discuss each exhibitions’ promotion, including selecting partner museums to target worldwide
    4. Clear reports on the effectiveness of your exhibition description, the most interested markets and click reports on which institutions showed an interest in your exhibition
    5. Inclusion and promotion through our various marketing channels. These include but are not limited to:
    - Direct Marketing: contact with over 15,700 contacts in our address book who we will contact directly if they are interested in the type of exhibitions you are offering
    - Newsletters: Monthly Newsletter + Exhibition Promotion: to over 4,000+ professionals at hosting institutions
    - Event promotion:
    Inclusion of your exhibitions at our event promotion calendar for 2016/2017:
      - ASTC Conference
      September 2016 (Tampa, Florida) 1,900+ attendees

      - Network of European Museum Organisations’ Annual Conference
      November 2016 (Karlsruhe, Germany) 200+ attendees

      - Museum Association UK Conference
      November 2016 (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) 1,500+ attendees

      - American Alliance of Museums Conference
      May 2017 (St Louis, Missouri, USA) 4500+ attendees

      - We Are Museums
      June 2017 (Riga, Latvia) 500+ attendees

      - Ecsite
      June 2017 (Porto, Portugal) 1000+ attendees

      - ASTC Conference
      September 2017 (San Jose, California, USA) 2000+ attendees

      - ICOM’s International Committee for Exhibitions and Exchange (ICEE) Conference,
      November 2017 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) 100+ attendees

We’re non-partisan: Vastari Group holds no exclusivity over the exhibitions registered on the platform. The user retains all the rights to share his or her institution’s exhibitions via any other medium or channel they deem beneficial. This is why Vastari works on an annual membership fee: the company wants to make as many connections as possible work for member institutions, regardless of how the goal is achieved.


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