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  • INVENTIONS - From Zany to Brainy

  • INVENTIONS - From Zany to Brainy!

  • SHOW ME THE MONEY! An interactive exhibition about money!

  • ARCHINATURE! An interactive exhibition about the structures that humans and animals build.

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Vastari Exhibitions is using the power of technology to bring the museum community closer.
Vastari Exhibitions Network is an online platform where museums can list and exchange exhibitions with other institutional and private venues around the globe.

Vastari Exhibitions is a premium platform available to Vastari Institutional members, to request information or learn more about pricing click here.

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    33.33% 21st century
    29.31% 20th century
    18.97% Early Modern (1450 - 1750 CE)
    9.77% Modern (1750 - 1900 CE)
    and 8.62% Middle Ages (500-1450 CE)

    19.65% Paintings
    17.34% Prints & Drawings
    13.29% Science
    12.72% Photography
    11.56% Artefacts
    6.36% Technology
    5.20% Design
    5.20% Popular Culture
    4.62% Natural History
    and 4.05% Children's

    26% Tribal & Ethnic
    16.3% human stories,
    16.3% marginalised people/minorities,
    12.2% religion,
    12.2% war,
    8.2% science,
    and 8.2% digital